04 April 2012

Who are the Wacken Metal Battle Føroyar winners?

Hamferð was formed with one goal: To bring slow, crushing and atmospheric music to the Faroe Islands, the home to a bleak and depressive atmosphere that can only be properly communicated through the funeral march of Doom Metal

Hamferð is a doom metal band formed in 2008 in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands.
After changing its line-up several times, in January 2010, the band joined a Faroese band competition called Sement. Since winning the competition, Hamferð have progressed and had a rapid growth.

During summer 2010 Hamferð appeared on several well known festivals in the Faroe Islands, including Summarfestivalurin and the G! Festival. Shortly after their concerts on both festivals Kerrang! critiqued their performances and handed them an impressive 4 out of 5 stars. In December 2010, they released their last EP, Vilst er síðsta fet.

In fall 2011, Hamferð have toured with MoonsorrowTýr and Crimfall throughout Europe during the Dead Tyrants tour, but also rocked their own country and Iceland with Skálmöld during Ferðin til Heljar (The Journey till Hell) tour in summer 2011. Now it's time for them for another international live experience, Wacken Open Air 2012.

Hamferð current line-up:
Jón Hansen - vocals
John Egholm - guitar
Theodor Kapnas - guitar
Remi Johannesen - drums
Esmar Joensen - keys
Jenus í Trøðini - bass

More about Hamferð
Vilst er síðsta fet on Spotify
An interview of mine with their frontman Jón Hansen (December 2011)

Photo by Ludovic Fabre


  1. they fucking rock! when they will be playing? i'll be at woa, can't wait

    1. according to the official running order, on 1st August http://www.wacken.com/nc/en/woa2012/main-bands/running-order-2012/

  2. cazzo, mi ero persa questo articolo, grazie