28 February 2013

Important update from Hamferð

We're entering Studio Bloch in Tórshavn on the 18th of March to start recording our upcoming full length album. The album will be released on Tutl this fall and will be available throughout Europe (via TUTL’s international distribution set-up, Believe Digital & Cargo). 

Some of you might be wondering why we're releasing on Tutl and not Nuclear Blast. The answer is simple. We weren't able to find common grounds with Nuclear Blast. This also means that we won't be playing at Wacken 2013, since that show was linked to the record deal as part of the prize for winning Wacken Metal Battle 2012. 

We’re looking forward to working with Tutl again, and the new album and international release tour are in the works for this fall and winter. There are also a few cool festival shows coming up. We’re entering an exciting new chapter in our career, so stay posted!

- Hamferð

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