02 May 2013

MetalDays: photo reportage upcoming!

After last year's positive experience, I'm now to proudly announce that this page will feature a photo reportage of the first edition of MetalDays festival.

Once more, all the photos included in this upcoming reportage will be taken by our trusted  and skilled photo contributor Emma Costi (visit her Facebook page here and check out her work also on DeviantArt). 

She will attend the whole MetalDays  festival week and cover the most important, compelling and smashing live acts of the most popular headliners.
Moreover an extra particular attention will be also given to the newcomers' performances, chosen by the metalheads themselves through a contest which has been held last March. A precious opportunity to give a listen to the, like MetalDays organizers like to call them, fresh blood of the contemporary metal scene.

So, don't miss this great opportunity to feel the thrill of MetalDays, like you had been there or to refresh your good memories of your well spent week in one of the most popular and peculiar festival of whole Europe.

Stay tuned for more!