20 December 2011

Metalcamp 2012 is coming!

Metalcamp crew has just confirmed some of the great metal bands that will play at Slovenian MetalCamp festival 2012 (Amon Amarth above all) and announced some new features that surely will interest many of you.

The one I liked most is the family camping, that will improve Metalcamp’s quality for all the metalheads travelling with children, like in some metal festivals in Scandinavia. According to the website, there´ll be the so-called 5 star camping for families, which is approx. only 10 minutes from the festival area away. With a private kindergarten for those future Metalcamp fanatics, real sanitation, a very own bar and catering.

Discover all the news here!

Within the couple of famous metal bands already confirmed, there are two groups Italians have enjoyed many concerts with and surely will be a great attractive for all those who will attend Metalcamp 2012: Korpiklaani and Eluveitie!
So, why not discover something more about them?


If you think that there are no reasons to celebrate within the dark metal-spheres, the heavy drinking forest
inhabitants of KORPIKLAANI will totally disabuse you!
This hilarious sextet delights with rapid metal com
bined with a lot of Humppa and other elements of typical Finnish folk music. On their current folk metal longplayer titled Ukon Wacka these bards care for familiar pagan party-moods and once more reach the top of excess. Sharp guitar-sounds and a wide-ranged diversity of traditional instruments create together a very special relaxed and hearty atmosphere for partying, so you just forget the run of time. KORPIKLAANI will mix a high-percentage folk-cocktail at your headbanger’s holidays 2012, which will definitely strike more than Vodka or Tequila!


Swiss folk metal maniacs ELUVEITIE started a new, aspiring and flourishing era of heathen metal – “New Wave Of Folk Metal” - with their output Spirit, released in 2006, and turned everything upside down within the whole scene. Influenced by Celtic music and mysticism, this pagan circle reached to unite two total different styles.

They play traditional, authentic folk combined with modern melodic death metal in the classical Göteborg-vein. Nevertheless the band also concentrates on topics and stories behind their songs, which are about the daily life and the spirituality of the Helvetic Celtic tribe, like they did on their latest masterpiece Everything Remains (As It Never Was). They are about to release a brand new studio album in 2012 so expect the unexpected and look forward to a great show of ELUVEITIE at METALCAMP!

So far these bands have been confirmed for 2012:


Thank to Emma Costi for all the photos, check her deviantArt profile


  1. Quella delle famiglie è una bella idea, mio fratello gli ultimi anni non è mai potuto venire apposta per quello. Grazie dell'info

  2. Thank you for the info!

  3. Great! I can't wait