17 December 2011

Petri Nygård - Biography

Petri Nygård (Petri Jukka Mikael Laurila) is a Finnish rap and hip-hop artist.

After his first music experience with Nuera, he released his first EP Vitun suomirokki single was very successful as well, having sold over 17 000 copies.
The second single Kanava nolla sold over 9 000 copies and his debut album Mun levy! went on to sell gold in Finland. Mun Levy! was followed by two more albums that never reached the same sales but Petri still had a loyal following in Finland. In 2003 he moved to Chigago and he started to make music in English. He started to gain newfound success over the Internet in 2009 when he released a new album Kaikkee pitää olla, which sold a few thousand copies and included few controversial hit singles. In 2010, Petri Nygård was the most googled person in Finland and thanks to his smash radio hit single Selvä päivä feat. Lord Est, he is once again one of the most popular artists in Finland. At the moment Petri is working on a new video for one of the hits of the upcoming album Märkää.

with Nuera
1992  Nuera (tape)
1993  Nuera demo
1993  Nuera Underground tape
1994  Breakfast
1996  Nuera (EP)
2000  Honesty
2003  Own World

as Travis Bicle
2007  Committed

2000  Pillumagneetti (EP)
2000  Mun levy!
2001  Petri presidentixi
2002  Hovinarrin paluu!
2009  Kaikkee pitää olla
2011  Kaikki tai ei mitään
2012  Mun mielestä
2012  29 Syntiä - Kaikki vitun hitit

2000   Vitun suomirokki 
2000   Kanava nolla (Antakaa mun olla) 
2000   Rääväsuu 
2000   Hulluna tisseihin 
2001   Petri hallitsee liigaa 
2001   Riimini rupiset / Sika / Petri pelastaa joulun 
2009   Sanon suoraan  
2009   Onko sulla pokkaa?  
2009   Mitävittuuvaan / Tuska  
2010   Kippis kulaus 
2010   Seopetriii  featuring Emel & Aajee 
2010   Sarvet esiin  featuring Mokoma
2010   Selvä päivä  featuring Lord Est
2011   Villi ja vitun vapaa 
2012   Märkää  (release date 25.04)

Stay tuned for the upcoming interview with Petri!